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Central Library


month delay and 50 paise will be charged for the second month delay as over-due charges. Actions deem fit will be taken against them by the authority after one month. Application for reduction or exemption of fine will not be entertained.

3. Each borrower must examine the condition of the book before it is issued. Otherwise, incase of mutation/damage to the books, discoverd latter, the responsibility will lie with the borrower and he/she is to be called upon to replace of the book. If replacement is not possible he/she will have to pay four times of the cost of the book.

4.               If the due date of return of the book falls on a holiday it should be returned to the library on the next working day.

5.               If a copy of a series is lost, the broowers shall have to replace the whole series or have to pay four times of the cost of the whole series.

6.               No marginal notes or marking shall be made in the book, nor shall any picture or page be removed or torn or otherwise disfigured or lost. In such cases, the borrwers shall be asked to replace the books failling which he/she shall have to pay four times of the cost of the books.

7.               Librarian will immediately report to the principal the name of the person responsible for improper use of the library book.

8.               A tacher will be allowed to take reference books and text books other than his/her subject by the recommendation of the concerned H.O.D. and permission of the Principal.

9.               No books shall be taken out of the library until it is entered in the borrowers register. Similarly books taken out of the Library must be returned to the Counter Assistant only.

10.            Books borrowerd from the library must be returned immediately on receipt of requisit notice by the authority for physical verification or repairment or for any internal requirement in the library.

11.            The Books of general references, Courses of studies, question sets of University/ CHSE, Govt. documents and rare books shall not be issued outside the library.

12.            Students are to apply for their required books in a call-slip before the date of issue. They are to produce their valid Indentity cards alongwith their Library card in the time of issue.


  1. The college library is kept open from 10AM to 4.30 PM all working days. Besides this, its study centre remains open on all working and holidays.
  2. There is no open access to library. No borrower other than the employees of the library are allowed to enter the library without permission.
  3. Persons in the library permises must observe silence and maintain discipline. Spitting, smoking or disfiguring the library is strictly forbidden.
  4. The Librarian has to see that rules of the library are strictly observed. He is to report any willful breach of the rules immediatly.
  5. There shall be a committee to lookafter the overall development of the library.
  6. There shall be a budgetary allocation at the begining of the each session keeping in view the demands of users, change in courses and the development of the library.

(c)  BOOK BANK :

  1. Books from book bank are issued to the poor and needy students for each academic year upto Test/Class promotion examination. A borrower has to pay one tenth of the cost of book before it is issued.
  2. The amount collected from book bank will be utilised for repairing the library books and improving the book bank.


  1. Magazine, periodicals, journals, and news papers of current nature will be read in the study centre only.
  2. Fresh coming of the journal, periodical etc. to the library shall be displayed before the readers.
  3. Study Centre of the library is kept opon from 10.30 AM to 4.30PM on working days and from 10.30 AM to 2 PM on sundays and holidays.


  1. There is a provision of seminary library which will be developed with the seminar fund. The books and reading materials procured from the fund will be accessioned in the general library and be issued to a teacher of the concerned Dept. who is in- charge of the seminar library.
  2. Books from the seminar library will be issued to the students in a borrowers’, register kept in the seminar and the register will be returned to the General Library when it is completed
  3. The books and reading materials are subject to verification by the Central Library.


Xerox services to the users is being provided in the study centre of the 8.b. Users pay a nominal price for making copies of their study materials.


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