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College Crest

  • The crest was designed and accepted in the year 1991. It comprises two concentric circles standing on a rectangular base. The ring within the two circles bears the imprint “Marshaghai College”. At the base, the depiction “Satyameba Jayate” spreads the slogan “Truth alone Triumphs”.
  • THE STEM OF CORN signifies green revolution for food sufficiency.
  • THE LIGHTED LAMP suggests the dissipation of darkness, fear and ignorance.
  • THE OPEN BOOK is a mark of scholarly pursuits and a herald of wisdom.
  • THE DISC TRANSMISSION Tower symbolises ceaseless endeavour to promote scientific knowledge.
  • THE PLANETARY MOTION AND SATELLITE in the orbit stand for change and adaptability.
  • THE DOVE on its wings is the harbinger of eternal peace and brotherhood.
  • Lastly, the depiction a ‘Satya Meba Jayate’ bears the message that truth always.