College time:Mon - Sat: 08 AM - 05 PM


Traditional B.A. was opened in the year 1985. With the introduction of the New Education Policy, +2 Arts classes were opened in the year 1983.
  1. Relevance of the Subjects

As a discipline

The language odia is the mother tounge of odisha . Odia   is the language we the people of odisha communication with. odia    language has a great history and evolution .It has evolved from Sanskrit and is one of the most ancient language of india .The subject odia is the combination    of language and literature. The relevance of teaching odia language is to  read correctly ,write correctly and communicate properly.

Secondly as literature is the reflection of life and society   a  student better than a student of nay other subject. Literature can change the personality. Of a man .It can also change the socity.

It is our pride that the society Government has introduce odia language as official language. This language has recognized by      central government and the Civil service Examination include odia language  and literature as an optional subject ,Besides odia language has been accepted as a classical language by the union government of India by the year 2014

It has its own flourished literature which has wide acceptance with Indian classic has wide acceptance with Indian classic Literature .Great writers like  ‘Sarala Das’ ,  Bararam Das,  jagannath Das,  Upendra Bhanja, Radhanath  Ray have great contribution to  odia  literature has to this the modern odia literature has enriched with the  wittings  of    Fakir      Mohan senapati ,gopinath Mohanty, Sachhi routray, Ramakanta Rath,     Sitakanta Mohapatra and so many.The people stay in the geographical area in odisha state have high dignity to read ,write and know the odia language and literature which reflects the true social culture of odisha

Hence knowing odia language is one of the essential personal identity of all India.

Our efforts is towards making adia language,odia literature and odia culture recognized in a global level.

  1. Inputs from the Department


  1. Name of the department :           Odia
  2. Year of Establishment                      :           1991-92
  3. Names of Programmes / Courses offered Integrated (Pass, Hons & Elective) Masters; Integrated Ph.D etc.) : Odia Pass & Odia Language Literature


U.G., Three years Degree Course (Pass, Hons & Elective).


  1. Names of Interdisciplinary courses and the departments/units involved :



  1. Annual/ semester /choice based credit system (programme wise) : Annual

Annual. Choice based credit system.


  1. Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments
Year Department Subject Name No. of Students
2012-13 Science Odia 96
2013-14 Science Odia 96
2014-15 Science Odia 96
2015-16 Science Odia 96


  1. Courses in collaboration with other universities, industries, foreign institutions, etc. :  Nil


  1. Details of courses / programmes discontinued (if any) with reasons : Nil
  2. Number of Teaching posts-/Sanctioned-06/ Present-05
  Sanctioned Filled
Professors Nil Nil
Associate Professors 01 01
Asst. Professors 03 03




  1. Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specializations, (D.Sc./D.Litt./Ph.D / M/Phil. Etc.,)
SI. No. Name Qualification Designation Special-ization No. of Years of Experience No. of Ph.D. Students guided for the last 4 years
01. Mrs K.Acharya M.A B.ED Asst.professor Relogion 35  
02. Mr. S.K.Choudhury M.A. Asst.professor Sarala O Panchasakh 28  
03. Mr.A.K. Mohanty M.A. Asst.professor Sarala O Panchasakh 24  


  1. List of senior visiting faculty : Nil
  2. Percentage of lecturers delivered and practical classes handled (programme wise) by temporary faculty. :      Nil


  1. Student-Teacher Ratio (programme wise) : 10:1 (Hons)

       50:1 (Gen)

       20:1 (Elective)

  1. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff; sanctioned and filled : Nil


  1. Qualifications of teaching faculty with DSc/D.Litt/ Ph.D / M.Phil / PG. : 03



  1. Number of faculty with ongoing projects from :
  2. a) National :   Nil
  3. b) International funding agencies and grants received : Nil


  1. Department projects funded by DST – FIST; UGC, DBY, ICSSR, etc. and total grants received :  nil


  1. Research Centre / facility recognized by the University :  Nil


  1. Publications :
    • a) Publication per faculty :  nil
    • Number of papers published in per reviewed journals (national / international) by faculty and students : Nil


  • Number of publications listed in International Database (For Eg: Web of Science, Scopus, Humanities International Complete, Dare Database – International Social Sciences Directory, EBSCO host, etc.) :  Nil


  • Monographs :  Nil
  • Chapter in Books :  Nil
  • Books Edited :  Nil
  • Books with ISBN/ISSN numbers with details of publishers :  Nil
  • Citation Index :  Nil
  • SNIP :  Nil
  • SJR :  Nil
  • Impact factor        :  Nil
  • h-index :  Nil
  1. Areas of consultancy and income generated :  Nil
  2. Faculty as members as

(a) National committees

(b) International Committee

(c) Editorial Boards :nil


  1. Students projects
  2. Percentage of students who have done in-house projects including inter departmental / programme :        Nil


  1. Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside the institution i.e. in Research laboratories / Industry / other agencies : Nil


  1. Awards / Recognitions received by faculty and students :nil


  1. List of eminent academicians and scientists / visitors to the department :
  • Dr. Narayan Sahoo, Utkal University 06.08.2012
  • Prakash Chandra Parida, HNS Mohav. Chandolo 12.08.2013
  • Giresh Chandra Sahoo, Kendrapara (Auto) College 05.08.2014
  • Aparna Mohanty, Kendrapra (Auto) College 14.03.2015
  • Dr Ramachandra Behera, Kendrapra (Auto) College 03.2015
  • Ranjan Kumar Das, Principal B.P. College, Antai 05.08.2015
  • Dr. Bikramadity Mohapatra, Banarash Hindu University 31.08.2016.
  • Sarita Sahoo, Mohan Subudh College, Baramba 31.08.2016
  1. Seminars / Conferences / Workshops organized & the source of funding
  2. National Nil
  3. International :  Nil


  1. Students profile programme / course wise:
Year Name of the Course / Programme

(refer question no.4)

Applications received Selected Enrolled Pass percentage
*M *F
2008-11 +3 B.A. (Hons)   14 04 10 Cent. %
2009-12 +3 B.A. (Hons)   16 04 12 64.28%
2010-13 +3 B.A (Hons)   16 08 8 93.75%
2011-14 +3 B.A (Hons)   15 03 12 80%
2014-15     17 03 14  
2015-16     19 03 16  

*M = Male     *F = Female


  1. Diversity of Students
Year Name of the Course % of students from the same state % of students from other States % of students from abroad
2012-13 +3 B.A. (Hons) 100 Nil Nil
2013-14 +3 B.A. (Hons) 100 Nil Nil
2014-15 +3 B.A (Hons) 100 Nil Nil
2015-16 +3 B.A (Hons) 100 Nil Nil


  1. How many students have cleared national and state competitive examinations such as NET, SLET, GATE, Civil services, Defense services, etc.? : Nil


  1. Student progression
Student progression Against % enrolled
UG to PG 20%
PG to M.Phil.
PG to Ph.D.
Ph.D. to Post-Doctoral

– Campus selection

– Other than campus recruitment

Entrepreneurship / Self-employment


  1. Details of Infrastructural facilities :
  2. Library facility – seminar library available
  3. Internet facility – Yes
  4. ICT facility -yes
  5. Laboratory facility – -Nil


  1. Number of students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other agencies :A few number of students are receiving merit /OBC/SC/Monority Scholarships from the State/Central Govt.
  2. Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops / seminar) with external experts :  Departmental Seminar are organized


List of special lecturers with external experts.

Sl. No Topic Resource person Financed by
01. Riti Sahityare Nari Jibanra Charitra 1)       Prof. Dr. Narayan Sahoo, Utkal University ,06.08.2012  
02. Adhunik Kabitare Silpa Chetana 2)        Dr. Prakash Chandra Parida, HNS Mohav. Chandolo   12.08.2013  
03. Swadhinta Parabarti Odia galpa Sahitya 3)       Dr. Giresh Chandra Sahoo, Kendrapara (Auto) College   05.08.2014  
04 Adhunika Kabyara Adhyamtika Darshan 4)        Dr. Aparna Mohanty, Kendrapra (Auto) College             14.03.2015  
05 Odia Sahityara Nari Sasastikaran 5)        Prof. Ranjan Kumar Das, Principal B.P. College, Antai   05.08.2015  
06 Panchasakha Sahityara Sri Jagannath Sanskruti 6)       Prof. Dr. Bikramadity Mohapatra, Banarash Hindu University 31.08.2016  




  1. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning :
  2. Lecture method – Yes
  3. Departmental Seminars – Yes
  4. Group discussions – Yes
  5. Remedial Classes – Yes
  6. Quarterly Test – Yes


  1. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities :
Year NSS Camp NCC Camp Blood Donation Camp
2012-13 05 03
2013-14 10 03
2014-15 10 04
2015-16 12 02


Students of Odia honours class take part in the awareness programme and then aware up the people of their locality relating to the different problem and communicate the people relating to the different central government and state government sponsored progamme and policies which benefits the ignorant / illiterate and under privileged people of the society. Students are encouraged to participate in NCC, NSS, Literacy competition, Blood Donation camp and in different social services activities.


  • Debendranath Khuntia Accounts  committee

Grievance Redressal Cell


  • Rabindranath Das Emergency Committee


(c) Prof. Ajaya Kumar Sarangi     :    Construction Committee


(d) Dr. Bichitra Manjari Tripathy        Athletic  Committee

Library / Literacy committee

Capacity Building Cell, Emergency Cell                                                                                     Sexual Harassment Cell ,PO,NSS

Lady Wing


(e) Prof. Surendra Kumar Moharana           I/C DSA



  1. SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans
  2. Strengths –
  • Dedicated faculty members
  • Sincere students
  • Good success full output and rich glorious heritage
  • Extra classes and better student communication
  • The motivation to the students is ensured by the dedicated teachers
  1. Weaknesses –
  • Shortage of full time faculties.
  • Lack of visual aids in the classroom
  • No extra reading room for the students


  1. Opportunities –
  • Being a multi disciplinary subject there is a little scope of further studies.
  • As the institution is surrounded by remote rural areas there is opportunity of empowering the rural students especially rural girl students.
  • In this changing world economic order, there is simple opportunity for employment for students having this subject.
  1. Challenges –
  • Non availability of educational loans to the needy students seeking general education.
  • Parents are socially economically and educationally backward which is responsible for not giving proper attention to their children.
  • Inadequate exposure of the students to face competitive world.
  • Imparting teaching facilities both in +3 Degree classes and +2 classes with limited staff members.
  1. Faculty Members
Total no of Teachers Male Female
05 04 01






4.History of the Department

The Department of odia established in 1991-92 vide concurrence letter no 2234(3) dt16.01.1992 and affiliated to Utkal University vide letter no 1786 dt-10.02.1993

The beginners of the Departments

  1. Prof Umanath Mohanta
  2. Late kanhu charan rout
  3. Sarbeswar sena
  4. Banamali kar
  5. Susil Kumar choudhury































7.Students enrollment


Year Name of the course Male Female Total
2006-2007 +3 BA Hons. 02 11 13
2007-08 +3 BA Hons. 05 10 15
2008-09 +3 BA Hons. 04 08 12
2009-10 +3 BA Hons. 04 12 16
2010-11 +3 BA Hons. 04 12 16
2011-12 +3 BA Hons. 03 12 15
2012-13 +3 BA Hons. 02 13 15
2013-14 +3 BA Hons. 03 09 11
2014-15 +3 BA Hons. 03 14 17
2015-16 +3 BA Hons.      
2016-17 +3 BA Hons.      











8.Results of Departments

Year of admission Year of final degree Appeared passed 1st class 2nd class w.o Hons Total
With dist. 1st Dist. 2nd
2009-10 2012 16 14 02 02 10 14
2010-11 2013 16 15 04 03 08 15
2011-12 2014 15 11 03 08 11
2012-13 2015 16 13 02 02 09 13
2013-14 2016 13 10 02 01 06 01 10


    10.Facilities provide to the students.

Students use the departmental library .Granthabali and special books and journals are supplied to them in departmental library Remedial classes taken by the Departmental teachers and eminent persons from other colleges.

     11.Departmental celebrations

Welcome ceremony

Ganesh puja

Teacher’s Day

Saraswati puja

Farewell ceremony





  1. Our pride.

    1.Sri Biswanth sahoo –New working as a teacher in model school.

    2.Geetanjali parida- BA,BED –teacher

    3.Sri khirod Das- NET JRF Qualified continuing PHD in Utkal University

    4.Dr Sarbeswar Behera- NET JRF Qualified phd awarded now lecturer at KISS              institute of KIIT University

  1. Sri sukanta Kumar Pradhan-NET, lecturer qualified .He has qualified S.S.B (State selection Board ,odisha) Govt. and posted as lectures in minaketana mohavidyalaya garandi gajapati district.

   6.Sri Rasmi Ranjan Nayak –Qualified NET, JRF and continuing PhD Utkal University Qualified S.S.B by Govt.of Odisha and posted as lecturer marshaghai college (our college)

7.Sri Sridhar Swain –M.A. at Ravenshaw University .Now placed as lecturer at pattamundai women’s college pattamundai



13.Time Table-

              Classes are taken by the departmental faculties according to the general

time table.


14.Wall Magazine:

            A wall magazine is introduced by the department which is named as ‘CHETANA’. It’s aim is to develop the writing skill thought power and literacy since of the students.


15.Question Bank:

In three years a student have to read 08 papers carring 800 marks. Different areas of literature have been taught in these 08 papers.

Possible important questions are prepared in the question bank to make easy and smooth preparation of the students for examnation. It is prepared by the teachers of the Department.



16.Training courses of staff members-

Mrs. Krishna Acharya

Sl no Refresher/orientation course Period Academic staff college
01 Refresher 8.9.1989 to5.10.1989 Utkal University vani vihar
02 Refresher 18.1.2002 to 7.2.2002 Utkal University vani vihar
03 Refresher 28.6.2006 to 18.07.2006 Sambalpur university jyoti bihar
04 Refresher 27.10.2008 to 16.11.2008 Utkal University vani vihar Date Conference/ seminar working Trust area Organized by Participated paper presented
01 30.6.2006


National seminar   Dharmasala college jajpur Participated
02 10/115.2006 National seminar Declining trend in quality education in general colleges of odisha Dharmasala college jajpur Participated
03 5/6 2008 National seminar Odiya sahityare astitya badara pratiphalana Dandi sahi college kenrdapara Participated
04 3/4


National seminar     Participated
05 18/19 12.2011 State level national seminar   Chatia college jajpur Participated
06 31.3.13&01.04.2013 State level national seminar   Mahapurus achutananda mohavidayalaya nemala cuttack Participated


  1. Personal Data of Teachers



  • Name- Ashok kumar mohanty
  • Designation-lecture in Odia
  • Date of Birth- 10.05.1967
  • Age-49 Years
  • Date of Joining-21.05.1992
  • Qualification- M.A.
  • Specialisation-Modern Prose and Poetry
  • Refresher Course attended – NIL
  • No of Research Publication – Nil
  • Operating any Projects – Nil
  • Details of complete projects – Nil
  • Whether guiding any research scholar – Nil
  • D / M.Phil- Year of awarded of Degree-NIL
  • No of national / international seminar attend-NIL






  • Name- Mrs Krishna acharya
  • Designation- Odia
  • Date of Birth-26.01.1959
  • Age-58 Years
  • Date of Joining-02.12.1981
  • Qualification- M.A.BED
  • Specialisation – geeti kabita
  • Refresher Course attended- 04
  • No of Research Publication – Nil
  • Operating any Projects – Nil
  • Details of complete projects – Nil
  • Whether guiding any research scholar – Nil
  • D / M.Phil- Year of awarded of Degree-NIL
  • No of national / international seminar attend-n II
  • No of national/ international seminar awarded -05 national seminar






  • Name- Sushil kumar choudhruy
  • Designation- Odia
  • Date of Birth-15.04.1958
  • Age-58Years
  • Date of Joining-01/08/1988
  • Qualification- M.A.
  • Specialisation- Drama
  • Refresher Course attended- nil
  • No of Research Publication – Nil
  • Operating any Projects – Nil
  • Details of complete projects – Nil
  • Whether guiding any research scholar – Nil
  • D / M.Phil- Year of awarded of Degree – Nil
  • No of national / international seminar attend-Nil
  • Other activities.






  • Name-Mr. Rasmi Ranjan Nayak
  • Designation- Odia
  • Date of Birth-11.02.1992
  • Age – 25years
  • Date of Joining-06.09.2016
  • Qualification- M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D continuing in utkal University
  • Specialisation-Modern poetry
  • Refresher Course attended – Nil
  • No of Research Publication – 04
  • Operating any Projects-nil
  • Details of complete projects – Completed
  • Whether guiding any research scholar – Nil
  • D/M.Phil- Year of awarded of Degree – Nil
  • No of national / international seminar attend – Nil










Seminar Activity-

Departmental Seminar- Seminar activity is a part of the academic process and it is conducted in the seminar class prescribed in the general routine. The students are advised to write seminar papers mainly on the topic related with syllabus.presenatation of the paper is followed by inter-action with the staff members of the Department.

            In the end of the year persons of eminence are invited to deliver extramural falks in the different area of literature.

Seminar conducted in the Department during last 05 years

Session 2011-2012

SL No Date of Notification Name of the participants class roll numbers Title of presentation Name of the teacher guide
01 02.08.11 Rasmi Ranjan behera

+3 3rd yr Hons

Roll no-113

  Mrs K.Acharya
02 10.08.11 Lipsa Parida

+3 3rd yr Hons.

Roll no-20

  Mr. S.K.Mohanty
03 03.09.11 Prasanjit Majhi

+3 3rd yr

Roll No-20

04 12.09.11 Priyashree nayak

+3 3rd yr. Hons

Roll no-58

  Mrs K.acharya
05 12.01.12 Miss Archana Behera

+3 1st yr Hons

Roll no -81

  Mr. S.K.Mohanty




                                                Session 2012-13

01 12.9.2012 Miss Sasmita Das

+3 IInd yr


02 21.09.12 Debadulal Sahoo

+3 IInd yr

Roll No-144

03 28.09.12 Lipita Parida

+3 3rd yr Hons

Roll no-45

  Mrs. K. Acharya
04 05.10.12 Litu Kumar behera

+3 1st yr Hons

Roll no-29

05 30.11.12 Snigdha Srabani Behera

+3 1st yr  Hons

Roll no-53

  Mrs. K. Acharya
06 18.1.13 Snigdha Srabani Behera

+3 1st yr Hons

Roll No-53



  Mrs. k.Acharya
07 1.02.13 Gitanjali Parida

+3 3rd yr Hons

Roll no-50

  Mrs. K.Acharya
  Talk by Eminent person    
08 11.2.13 Dr. Banamali Kar



Session 2013-2014

01 19.08.13 Sanghamitra Behera

+3 IInd yr

Roll no-69

  Mr. A.K. Mohanty
02 26.08.13 Archan Behera

+3 3rd yr Hons

Roll no-81

  Mrs. K. Acharya
03 02.09.13 Banita Das

+3 3rd yr Hons

Roll No-83

  Mrs. K. Acharya
04 17.09.13 Sarmistha Sahoo

+3 3 rd yr Hons

Roll no-150

  Sri. S.K.Choudhury
05 24.09.13 Rojalin Barik

+3 3rd yr Hons

Roll No-150

  Sri. S.K.Choudhury
06 28.10.13 Dipika Parida

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll no102

  Mrs. K. Acharya
07 05.11.13 Manasi Behera

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll No-55

  Sri. S.K.Choudhury
08 26.11.13 Harapriya Samal

+3 IInd yr

Roll no-75

  Mr. A.K. Mohanty
09 21.01.14 Ankita Rath

+3 1st yr Hons

Roll No-214

  Mrs. K. Acharya
10 28.01.14 Jajnyaseni Behera

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll no-109

  Mr. S.K.Pradhan

Session 2014-2015

01 14.10.14 Ashok Ku. Pradhan

+3 3rd yr Hons

Roll no-12

  Smt. K. Acharya
02 21.10.14 Singdha srabani Behera   Sri A.K. Mohanty
03 28.10.14 Sarojini Samantray

+3 3rd yr

Roll No 207

  Smt. K. Acharya
04 18.11.14 Laxmipriya Behera

+3IInd yr Hons

Roll no-107


  Smt. K. Acharya
05 27.11.14 Priyadarshini Das

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll No-36

  Smt. K. Acharya
06 06.12.14 Lipika Swain

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll No-95

  Mr. S .k. Choudhury
07 06.01.15 Sarita sethy

+3 3rd yr Hons

Roll no-218

  Mr. S. K. Choudhury
08 13.01.15 Mitashree Maity

+3 3rd yr Hons

Roll no-52

  Mrs. K. Acharya

Session -2015-2016

01 2.7.15 Chinmayee Beura

+3 IInd Hons

Roll no-36

  Mrs. K. Acharya
02 15.7.15 Sasmita nath

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll no-41

  Mrs. K. Acharya
03 05.08.15 Barsarani samal

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll No-93

  Mr. S. K. Choudhury
04 12.08.15 Sasmita Das

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll no-70

  Mr. A.K. Mohanty
05 19.08.15 Rajashree panda

+3 IInd yr Hons

  Mrs. K. Acharya
06 26.08.15 Kalpana Behera

+3 IInd yr

Roll no-87

  Mr. S. K. Choudhury
07 02.09.15 Chandra Sekhar Swain

+3 IInd Hons

Roll no-282

  Mr. S. K. Pradhan
08 23.09.15 Sibananda Barik

+3 IInd yr

Roll no -74

  Mrs. K. Acharya
09 30.09.15 Manasi Samantarry

+3 II nd yr Hons

Roll no-74

  Mrs. K. Acharya
10 18.11.15 Sunil Basantia

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll no-37

  Mr. S. K. Choudhury
11 28.11.15 Subhasmita Rout

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll no-73

  Mr. S. K. Choudhury
12 2.12.15 Gitanjali Barik

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll no-95

  Mrs. K. Acharya
13 9.12.15 Suchismita Nayak

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll no-95

  Mr. S. K. Pradhan
14 06.01.16 Subhasmita Das

+3 IInd yr Hons

Roll no-51

  Mr. S. K. Choudhury

Talk By Eminent Person

1 09.12.2015 Sri Golak Chandra Moharana

Reader-in-odia , Pattamundai college pattamundai

Poular writer of Drama

Swadhinata parabarti odia nataka eka bislesan
2 06.01.16 Dr. Banamali Kar

Associate prpfessor sahaspur college

Balichandrapur Dist-jajpur

Criticism writer and good speaker

Comparative study of classification and romanticism
  1. Students profile-

How many students have cleared national and state competitive examinations such as NET,SLET,GATE ,civil Services, Defence service etc.

            (a) 04 students have qualified NET/JRF

            (b) One student quality Defence Service.

            (c) 02 students are qualifying state selection Board competitive exam and n        now posted as lectures in Degree college.

  1. Students Progression
Student progression Against % enrolled
U.G to P.G. About 20%
P.G. tO M.Phil 5.1
P.G.To Phd. 5.1
Phd. TO post -doctoral —-

Campus selection

Other than campus selection enter preneurship –self employed







Seminar Library- There is a seminar library run by the department.


Swoc analysis of the Department and future plans:-



  1. Dedicated faculty members.
  2. sincere and obedient students.
  3. Good success full output and rich glorious heritage.
  4. Extra classes and better student communication.
  5. Motivation to the students in ensured by the dedicated teachers.



  1. shortage of fulltime faculties.
  2. lack of visual aids in the classroom.
  3. No extra reading room for the students.



  1. Favourable and conducive academic sphere.
  2. To use the scope provided by academic autonomy to develop.
  3. More test and examinations in inter action and interesting manners.




  1. Photo gallery