College time:Mon - Sat: 08 AM - 05 PM


The College provides hostel facilities for 200 girls students (No hostel facilities for boys’) Selection for admission into the hostel is made for one session on basis of merit and conduct. But exceptions may be considered in case of the Govt. Servants and employees on transfer. Admission into the hostel will be taken after the college admission. Boarders will vacate the hostel on or before the 31st may or the date of completion of CHSE/ University Exam. whichever is earlier. Re-admission into the hostel may be considered on the basis of the recommendation of the Superintendent and marks secured in the last qualifying examination. Seats will be allotted to the selected candidates on production of money receipt against their admission.
The Superintendent with the approval of the principal may lay down, amend or repeal rules regulations, as may be necessary from time to time for smooth management of the hostel.

The following rules are to be strictly followed by the boarders

1. The boarders must abide themselves by the rules and regulations framed by the Superintendent of the hostel.
2. No boarder is allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission of the Superintendent. Only parents or recognised guardians can meet and take their wards out with the permission of the superintendent. This must come under the permissible range of the rules.
3. Study hours, as specified by the Superintendent must be strictly adhered & any sort of indiscepline will be seriously death with.
4. Boarder/ Boarders will remain responsible for all damages caused to the hostel property used by them individually or collectively.
5. Loitering of boarders outside the hostel premise beyond specific hours willn’t be entertained.