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Women Welfare

Women’s Welfare. 1. … – Is a social welfare program which seeks to promote the welfare of women by giving special attention to the prevention, eradication in any form, as well as the promotion of skills of employment and self – actualization.

This college as a women’s welfare society which looks into the betterment of womens warking in this college. The college authority has also appointed a womens harassment cell .The cell looks into the social upliftment girls student’s and female staffs. Especially for girl student’s the govt. is provided self defense training every year. Around 500 (five hundred) student’s are trained every year to face the defense challenges.

                There were meetings conducted on the issues of women’s harassments on the college premises- be it working place, classrooms or in general ambience. After reviewing the situations, it is found that there occurred no such instances all over the premises. The committee members along with the Prof. I/C  expressed their satisfaction over the activities and follow up actions in time.