College time:Mon - Sat: 08 AM - 05 PM


Marshaghai college Marshaghai opens a YOGA Department to teach YOGA to all the students and staffs of the institute. Early morning at 7 A.M. on all working days YOGA classes are conducted. Yoga days are celebrated in the college campus in every year from the inception of the college.

  1. Astanga YOGA is practiced to every staffs and students. Number of saints and YOGIs are invited to delivered  practical YOGA classes to the students 3 to 4 times in a year.

Yoga will be taught as compulsory subject & assessed at the College level (100
marks), 50 marks for theory & 50 marks for practical). The theory examination shall be conducted at the end of +2 1st year classes and practical examination shall be conducted
at the time of text examination in the +2 2nd year. Grades as mentioned in E.E are to be
awarded in the college in order of merit and the same shall be reflected in the body of the pass certificate issued by the Council. However the grades of the Yoga will not affect the
result of the Candidate.